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The personal story about my own pregnancies and what I have learned along the way

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Pregnancy/Reproduction | 0 comments

My passion for women in childbirth began when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Dana, back in 1971 (she is now 43, and has two healthy, precious children of her own, who are 5 and 3). After attending childbirth classes with my first pregnancy, I decided that I didn’t want any unnecessary interventions.  I read everything I could find on childbirth and educated myself about various methods for dealing with the pain of childbirth.  Dana, and all 4 of my children, were born without the use of any medications.  At the hospital, they were so impressed with my birth experience and her “10”...

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An Alternative Way to Diet: Proper food combining

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Nutrition and Diet | 0 comments

They call this diet/eating regimen “proper food combining” and I learned about it in 1975 from a healthy 94 year old English physician named Dr. Norman Lovegrove, who first modeled its benefits to me. Suzanne Sommers has been promoting food combining in her books for many years, and now Dr. Oz has gotten on board, and recently described it benefits on his television show. Norman lived near me in California and was vitally healthy for his age.  He would see 2 patients a day at his little cottage, “just for fun” he said.  He had graduated from medical school in 1906.  And he’d...

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“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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