Don’t Guess…TEST!!

Lab profiles are an excellent way for you to actually SEE what is going on in your body, and to GUIDE your health care provider in advising you about your treatment plan. It also allows you to follow up after treatment to show that your plan is working effectively, hopefully optimally.

To start your Detoxification Plan, I recommend you consider doing these two tests:

The Mercury test and the Elements Profile. These tests will let you know if concerns are present, and because the Thyroid is such a metabolically active gland…to see if these are affecting its function.

Mercury Toxicity Testing

Elements Profile – Arsenic, Bromine, Iodine, Selenium, and Creatinine…plus Thyroid gland testing.

Other testing I think you may want to consider are these Panels:

Comprehensive Hormone Testing panels (4)

Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Testing panels

Cardio-Metabolic Profile Testing

Inflammatory Marker Testing/C-RP (C-Reactive Protein)

HIS Profile – Especially for men. Thyroid, Adrenal, Testes, and Prostate, includes: PSA, Thyroid testing, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA’s, and Cortisol.

Fertility Kit

“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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