Toxins can cause harmful epigenetic changes that can be passed 4 generations, or more.

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Children and Toxins

If newborns are toxic, what is the chance that the rest of us are toxin clear? Environmental working group study showing over 200 toxins present in the umbilical-cord blood of newborns.

Toxins are seriously affecting the health of our babies and children. Read how commonly encountered items, may cause damage to your children.

Bill Moyers PBS Program on children and environmental toxins, from 4/13.

What parents need to know about reproduction and toxins, by Vicki Latham PA-C.

Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the new age of puberty for girls is 10

TED TALKS video by Penelope Chaffer about toxins and pregnancy.

Robyn O’Brian video on TED…children and toxins in our food.

The Center for Disease Control states that the average American has 212 toxic chemicals stored in their fat and tissues. Read the 2009 report.

The CDC recently updated a toxin study in 2014.  Unfortunately the conclusions are so buried in the data, I have not been able to take the time to dig through it all to figure out any conclusions from this newest information.

Toxins Where you Live

How Toxic is it, where you live? The National Institute of Health is letting you know what the toxins are in your neighborhood.

The Environmental Protection Agency also lets you know about toxins where you live. What industries near you are the sources of local pollution? Put in your zip code and find out.

For general information about toxins from the National Institute of Health, check out ToxNet.

Toxins and Epigenetics

Epigenetics…is a great example of how significant new scientific discoveries can take years to get to the main stream media:

In 2005, studies by Dr. Michael Skinner began to emerge about the new science of Epigenetics.  They proved that the genetic encoding of proteins that tell our cells what to do could be altered by factors such as environmental toxins, heavy metals, malnutrition, viruses, and other factors. And, more importantly, that these epigenetic alterations could be passed for at least 4 generations.

In Oct, 2008, NOVA did a program on PBS about Epigenetics called: The Ghost in your Genes.

January, 2010, Epigenetics was featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny, The new field of epigenetics is showing how your environment and your choices can influence your genetic code — and that of your kids.  By John Cloud Wednesday, Jan. 06, 2010.

It took over 5 years after the publishing of this paradigm altering research, for even a hint of it to get into the awareness of the average person.  Meanwhile, the pollution of our air, water, and food continues to increase, along with its negative health effects that will be creating new problems for generations to come.

For more information about: Epigenetics and Cancer

For information about: Epigenetics and Reproduction

Enhancing health for the next four generations

How to Detoxify the Body?

So HOW do you accomplish the “take out” of those things that should have NEVER BEEN THERE?  With Active Detox or Passive Detox methods?

What is the Best Ways to Detoxify your body?

What is the Best Ways to Detoxify your body in Pregnancy?

Clinoptilolite…the remarkable breakthrough mineral.

The White Paper on Pure Body

The White Paper on Pure Body Extra Strength

How to take Pure Body Products

Detoxification and Pregnancy

The Environmental Working Group Study.

TED Talks video by Penelope Chaffer about toxins and pregnancy.

What is the Best Way to detoxify your Body in Pregnancy?

How to take Pure Body Detoxification Products.

My personal story about my own pregnancies, by Vicki Latham.

Toxins and Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding and Toxins

Reasons why breast feeding your baby is STILL THE BEST!

Top to Bottom, why breast feeding is best.  Dr. William Sears.

Breast Feeding Support

How to detoxify your body and breast milk while nursing.

Breast Health

Learn how to lower your risk factors for breast cancer by downloading the ‘Top Ten Ways to Lower Your Risk Factors”.  Enjoy the DVD on ‘How to do Your Own Breast Exam’.

Feeding your Children Toxin Clear Food

Robyn O’Brian video on TED…children and toxins in our food.

Food combining Made Easy

Eat your spinach!  How to get kids to eat great and LOVE it!

Supplement with FOOD, not Chemicals!

Toxins and Skin Care in Children

Toxins in baby care products and how they change the hormones in little boys and girls.

Resource for finding healthy products for your skin, including Sun Screens: or

See the Products page for other toxin clear skin care products.

Toxins and Weight Loss

Toxins and Weight Loss

My Best Weight Loss Pearls

Toxins and Vaccines

This is a very sensitive topic, and people have very strong feelings about this.  I do want to present here the best articles I have seen about this. This is a retrospective study of the data, regarding vaccines and diabetes and other immune issues.

In August of 2014, A Whistleblower has come forth from the CDC, who was responsible for much of the safety data on vaccines.  He states that they falsified the data. He could no longer live with this lie, after seeing the lives of thousands of children who were and are being damaged by vaccines.  He says that they knew back in 2005 that it was contributing to the increase in autism, and he had to reveal the truth.

Here is a great website done by a woman who is a stay at home mom, lawyer, married to a physician. Well researched and well reasoned arguments by a Mom, on the topic of vaccines.

When doing any kind of injection, you want to minimize the toxic load for yourself and for your children. Check out this idea to potentially reduce the risks.  The “Spray before you Shoot” Campaign.

This next article about a “gentle detox” gives you  many options you can do to “actively”  detox after a vaccine is administered.  If you do it in conjunction with the Clinoptilolite Spray or Drops, then their passive properties will enhance these methods, and reduce or eliminate any risk of a healing crisis/detox reaction.

An excellent resource for you to get accurate information from all sides of this parental decision. The National Vaccine Information Center.


Real people having real results from using clinoptilolite detox and whole food nutrients: or


This is an encouraging video of a mother from Nigeria. She describes the changes she has seen in her autistic daughter once she began detoxifying her with Clinoptilolite.  The sound quality isn’t optimal the first minute, but stick with it, it will be worth your time.

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“If newborns are toxic, what chance do we adults have of being toxin clear?”

Understanding that we can detoxify our bodies daily with effective options that are easy, simple and inexpensive to do…this is the purpose of the ToxinClear movement.

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